English Summary

CHALLENGE is a research project designed to test a novel treatment for auditory hallucinations using virtual reality. 

The study is a randomized control trial assessing the CHALLENGE-therapy compared to treatment as usual in patients with psychotic disorders who suffers from auditory hallucinations despite psychopharmacological treatment. In CHALLENGE-therapy, the voice of the therapist is altered through a voice modification program to sound like the primary voice the patient hears, and a visual representation of that voice is created in virtual reality (an avatar). During the therapy, part of each session will take place in virtual reality, allowing the patient to be in a direct dialogue with the avatar. The therapist can talk as the avatar or in their own voice and assist the patient in the dialogue. 

CHALLENGE is a multicenter study taking place in three regions of Denmark (The Capital Region of Denmark, The North Denmark Region and The Region of Southern Denmark) and is being led by Professor Merete Nordentoft. CHALLENGE is supported by the Innovation Fund. The project is inspired by the AVATAR-trial which was conducted at King’s College in the UK and led by professor Tom Craig as the principle investigator and was based on the therapy invented by Professor Julian Leff (Craig et. Al, 2017, The Lancet Psychiatry). 

The project is currently in the pilot phase and it is expected that the recruitment of patients for the trial will start in the autumn 2020. 

For more information regarding the technological solution with virtual reality: Please visit: https://khora-vr.com/challenge-project/

For more information regarding the research project, please contact:

Psykolog Lise Mariegaard / Region Hovedstaden


Psykolog Louise Glenthøj / Region Hovedstaden


Psykolog Ditte Lammers Vernal / Region Nordjylland